Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Kid Got Old

I'm not sure what to do with Ken Griffey Jr. I assume that this isn't a quandary that most face, or are concerned with, but I most certainly am.

I have never been a Griffey Jr. fan. I thought that he bailed on Seattle for more money from Cincinnati and I didn't respect that (Pacific Northwest bias. No need to correct me on the details of the contract and such).

As the guy rides off into the sunset, I have been enjoying the highlights of "The Kid" running into walls and diving around to make great plays. I am impressed by his picture-perfect swing and big grin. We all get wrapped up in these things.

Here's the dilemma in brief:

1) Every team that Griffey ever played for got significantly better after he left.
2) The whole "falling-asleep-in-the-locker-room" thing doesn't look to good on him (In his defense, I am 10 years younger and I take naps at work all the time).
3) He destroyed the Reds. I liked to call him "The Albatross" when I first moved here and started going to games, because that is what he was for this organization. For a guy who is renowned as being a "good" and "fun-loving" player, how is it that he seemed to be such a poor influence on the young guys here in Cinci? I don't know the answers to these questions.

1) Just watch the highlights (especially the Mariners ones). The dude was exciting to watch.
2) Never been associated with steroids. This is a HUGE point. The knock against Griffey has always been that he got injured too much and fell apart when his contemporaries were swinging for the fences and breaking records. What we didn't care to notice was the fact that all of his contemporaries were cramming their bodies full of illegal drugs to avoid injury and breakdown, while Griffey was "doing it the right way." I hope that he never gets busted for HGH. I really do.
3) That smile is pretty snazzy.

So I need a little help. I'm going to let the comments of this post determine the point-of-view I take regarding Ken Griffey Jr. Help me out.


Kevin Wesley said...

You know my feelings on him. Always followed him blindly, rooting all the way. I knew his influence, and I knew that he was hurting the team overall. But I'll be damned if I didn't still love him.

Duane Smets said...

I traded that car for a Bo Jackson rookie card when I was a 10 years old before it skyrocked in value. I'm still pissed about it. I hope that card is worth nothing so my I can be relieved of my traders regret. If he's got to tank his stats to do, awesome!

Commish said...

I always wondered if he and Grant Hill got together and said "let's sign huge contracts and then get hurt all the time. Everybody will always love us, even if we never do anything for our new teams."